Entry Sent

After a week of meditatively stringing together this story, five versions, four titles later, it’s done, out in the ether to Writers of the Future for judgement. This one’s definitely a contender. Fingers crossed. Happy Thanksgiving.

Cirsova #2 Review at Tangent Online

Review at Tangent


Tangent Online gave us a positive review here.

This is a pretty big deal, because as I understand it, Tangent primarily reviews Pro-level publications only.

Issue 4 will be going out this week and soon I should have a line-up for issue 5 to announce. We’re still sorting things out and trying to get an idea of how many stories we can buy, but we should know for certain once Issue 4 goes out the door and most of our expenses for 2016 have cleared.

Things we can confirm right now for 2017, however, are plenty of Eldritch Earth goodness and more Dream Lords!

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November Update

This month has moved really fast. By the time it’s 3PM I feel like it’s midnight. My hard drive died a couple days ago and I’ve worked furiously to fix it to no avail. After dozens of forums and YouTube videos I’ve figured out how to salvage a lot of work. While I print hard copies of all my work, and back them up externally every so often, I’m still going to have to purchase some tools for extraction. Mission Impossible to save the fiction folks.

On the publishing front I have some news. Cirsova Magazine picked up my story “Beyond the Great Divide” for their Eldritch Earth special issue. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and a big thanks to Alex for all his efforts putting together a quality magazine. Scott Barnes at NewMyths.com picked up my dark fantasy story “The Sound of Steel on Stone” today and I’m excited to work with him also. I’m shortlisted for two other stories that I should get responses to very soon. Won a Horror anthology edited by Ellen Datlow from the Grimtidings podcast and a six-month subscription to Locus magazine (very cool).

Cymphonee and I have decided to adopt an 8 month-old Lab mix we’ve named Artex. Cross your fingers we can get to him in time. We’re excited to add to the love and family we’re building. I’ll have more updates as the news rolls in. Hold your heads high and don’t forget to back up all your work.


If you enjoy them, say so.

I don’t usually read comments or reviews on sites like Amazon. We put up the work and hope people enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you enjoy someone’s work, leave a review. Leave an honest review of the work. Not a review about how Amazon screwed-up your order, or how your package was damaged, or how the Fed-Ex guy tossed it carelessly onto your front porch.

The major tool a writer has to get his/her work out there in the hands of readers is word of mouth, and honest reviews. They make a huge difference at the end of the day.

So the next time you finish the last page written by one of your favorite authors, think about what you just read. Think about the journey you just ended. Think about the work that went into telling the story, reaching out across time and space to unfold it right before your eyes. If you liked it, say so.

October Horror News

Got some great news yesterday. The folks over at the Manor House Show have picked up my short story “What’s Done in the Dark” for their season three lineup. Once a piece is in their hands you can be sure the quality and presentation will be top-notch. They’ve been nominated for several podcast awards and every season they produce just seems to get better. Big thanks to Rock Manor and his talented denizens of the dark.

Working on a rewrite due by the end of October for an upcoming anthology. Finished the first draft of a review for the Grimdark Magazine blog page. Finishing up a longer piece called “The Shadow of his Satin Cloak” and then I’m putting short pieces on hold to finish up that first series novel tentatively titled “Children of a Fallen Sky.” November will be a month filled with pounding away diligently. Cymphonee will finally get some time at home, and when she does I’ll be holed up with her in the love shack.

Unfortunately she’s off to work a second nighttime job teaching science again. I get a hollow feeling in my gut, a yearning I think, for her to be with me at home, especially when it’s raining outside like this and commuters can be a bloody mess on the highway. Come home safe my love!

May October bring chills to your bones and a bit of horror to your heart.