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The Big Purple: Originally published by Acidic Fiction, December 8, 2014, reprinted in issue 9 of Beyond Science Fiction Magazine. 

This was my second crack at a short story and the first time I got paid for writing. I was working in a research lab at the time, where I took care of a group of mice, all females because the males killed each other. The Big Purple is the fruit of imagining what it would be like to live in a cage.

The Big Purple


Tied to the Whim of a Tender Tyrant: Published by 18th Wall Productions for From the Dragon Lord’s Library Volume 2, November 22, 2015. This fantasy piece explores a lot of themes through the characters of an aging dragon, a subjugated gargoyle, and a baby raised to breathe fire.

Tied to the Whim (Amazon)

Tied to the Whim (18th Wall)


The Tracks of Ridge Rock Station: This was one hell of a fun time to write. I was playing Fallout 2 a lot and taking lunch breaks in a parking lot where trains blared by constantly. It’s my first attempt at classic horror with a group of characters that I may revisit later on down the road. Originally published in audio-drama format by the immensely talented folks at the Manor House Show on September 4, 2015, and reprinted by Disquieted Dreams Press for the anthology Best Horror Shorts: 2015. 

The Tracks of Ridge Rock Station (Audio)

The Tracks of Ridge Rock Station (Text)



Vein Raiders: My first attempt at flash fiction was picked up by a publication in India called The Machinery. It had some great art and a balance of poetry and flash. This one is about biological warfare on a nano-scale, where soldiers shrink and are injected into patients to fight super bugs.

Vein Raiders (Amazon)

Vein Raiders (The Machinery)

Vein Raiders (Audio 600 Second Saga)

The Machinery #1


A Dead Oaks Visitor: My first short story attempt, inspired by binge-watching the X-Files back in 2014. Published by The Dead Oaks Podcast, April 16, 2016. Available as both text and audio. Big thanks to Atticus Jackson and the folks at Dead Oaks for some great narration.

A Dead Oaks Visitor (Text + Audio)

Dead oaks

The Water Walks Tonight: My first ‘pulp’ piece for a great magazine called Cirsova: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, issue #2, July 31, 2016. A group of Vikings sail for the island of Volva to atone for their sins. The price of atonement is horrific. I have another story in the upcoming Winter issue #4 also.

The Water Walks Tonight

Cirsova #2 (Variant Cover)

cirsova 2

cirsova variant

Spare Parts: This short cyberpunk piece was picked-up by L0w L1f3 magazine and is available in print and e-book. It’s the story of a washed up cybernetic parts procurer who needs one last synthetic part to keep his life going.

Spare Parts (Mag Cloud)

Low life

Neela and the Rosyman: Part magical realism, part historical fiction, this piece earned me an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s of the Future Contest and was published by Theme of Absence September 30, 2016. It’s the story of a boy recollecting the day he learned the truth about the origins of the Teddy Bear.

Neela and the Rosyman (Text)

Interview (Text)


Stay of Execution: This micro-fiction piece comes in at exactly 66 words and was published by Speculative 66 for their second issue. It’s the tale of an inmate on death row who stops his own execution by requesting a last meal that lasts for eternity.

Stay of Execution (Text)

Stay of Execution (Audio)


The Phantom Sands of Calavass: A pulp style ray-gun romance piece that follows the intergalactic adventures of Solomon Doom. Commissioned to suppress rising conflicts on a far away planet, Solomon finds the remains of miners and investigates a mysterious scientist, an alien race reverting back to their old ways, a beautiful ambassador, and a worm that crawls through the belly of the planet unnoticed…until now.

Phantom Sands (Text) 

Issue 4 Cover PNG.png

The Sound of Steel on Stone (Text)

Published March 14, 2017, by NewMyths Magazine, this piece tells the tale of stone giants occupied and enslaved by men. They are used for labor and to bring life back to dead and injured soldiers returning from battle. But when one giant seems a little too familiar to Illio, the General’s counselor, he begins to choose sides. Ending on a darker note, this piece taught me to move away from my comfort zone–to paint my characters in shades of gray rather than black and white.


Beyond the Great Divide (Text)

Inspired by a shared Lovecraftian world for a special Eldritch Earth issue, this piece follows the leader of a Slagborn unit bent on eradicating humans from the planet. I put myself in the shoes (claws?) of an insectoid species and spun this yarn in three long bursts. If you like antiheroes and acid blood you’ll enjoy this one. My first shared world experience. Big thanks to Misha Burnett for the invite.

Cirsova 5

Three Times a Ronin Shouts (ouch, no link)

A crippled ronin returns to the village of Yomi to claim his missing arm. This is the longest piece I’ve had published (coming in at around 7,800 words) and, unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. If anyone finds this piece published by Bards and Sages publishing, Society of Misfits, let me know.


Spare Parts (audio)

This reprint of my cyberpunk story is narrated by Ant Bacon and was featured on episode 513 of StarShipSofa. Big thanks to Tony C. Smith and Jeremy Szal for including it. Put on some earphones (buds?) for this one.

SSS logo

Squab (text)

Published in issue #15 of Speculative 66, this piece is a one sentence story (66 words, right?) about Ezra and her pigeons.

Spec 66

Inside the Glass (text)

A near future story about two brothers who run a pawnshop and the impact of feeling naked in a harsh world. Plus, it has force field technology. Thanks to Meera Velu and Devon Montgomery for including this piece in issue #1. Great cover art and, also, a big thanks to Melanie Treuhaft for her story art. Check out their site here. Free read of my story here. Buy it on amazon or support their Patreon to keep it free.


Ethereal Things (text)

Dirt bikes, memory, soul support systems, and grave-sites, all the goodies that go into the strange and wonderful stories Outlook Springs Journal is putting out these days. They still put out a print version that’s really slick and entertaining. Free preview here.