Godspeed, July.

July was a whirlwind. It’s not over yet, but it’s left its mark. Atreyu is a little giant now. In a month or so he can finally go outside. August brings thirty years of life for my Cymphonee, five completely in love, one single day to celebrate the rest of my life. And I’ve only grown to love her more. Cheers, my honey bee!

I made a big move this month, one which slipped through my grasp in the past. But now, I’ve captured it. In nine days I completed my application to a graduate program in creative writing, specifically for genre fiction. Fevre dreams of rejection plagued me: writing sample’s not long enough, too dark, too inexperienced, no background, no future…But alas, I was accepted. Residency begins late September. Victory. My gratitude and thanks go out to Adrian Collins of Grimdark Magazine, P. Alexander of Cirsova, and more than 200 rejections last year that really thickened my skin. Dragon fire, folks.

Outlook Springs picked up my story “Ethereal Things” for their next issue, and Star Ship Sofa  will be featuring “Spare Parts” in an upcoming episode. Vastly different tales from the same twisted mind. Started the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb and it’s looking good so far. I’m a sucker for fantasy with dogs. The Broken Empire trilogy arrived in my mailbox last week and I’ll start on that as soon as I finish the new GOT episode tonight. Red Sister is loaded on my Audible, as well. The reviews are insanely good. Lots to read, lots to write…lots to be thankful for.


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