November Update

This month has moved really fast. By the time it’s 3PM I feel like it’s midnight. My hard drive died a couple days ago and I’ve worked furiously to fix it to no avail. After dozens of forums and YouTube videos I’ve figured out how to salvage a lot of work. While I print hard copies of all my work, and back them up externally every so often, I’m still going to have to purchase some tools for extraction. Mission Impossible to save the fiction folks.

On the publishing front I have some news. Cirsova Magazine picked up my story “Beyond the Great Divide” for their Eldritch Earth special issue. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and a big thanks to Alex for all his efforts putting together a quality magazine. Scott Barnes at picked up my dark fantasy story “The Sound of Steel on Stone” today and I’m excited to work with him also. I’m shortlisted for two other stories that I should get responses to very soon. Won a Horror anthology edited by Ellen Datlow from the Grimtidings podcast and a six-month subscription to Locus magazine (very cool).

Cymphonee and I have decided to adopt an 8 month-old Lab mix we’ve named Artex. Cross your fingers we can get to him in time. We’re excited to add to the love and family we’re building. I’ll have more updates as the news rolls in. Hold your heads high and don’t forget to back up all your work.



One thought on “November Update

  1. Brandy Mansouri November 12, 2016 / 6:04 am

    Wow big changes. Congrats.


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