October Horror News

Got some great news yesterday. The folks over at the Manor House Show have picked up my short story “What’s Done in the Dark” for their season three lineup. Once a piece is in their hands you can be sure the quality and presentation will be top-notch. They’ve been nominated for several podcast awards and every season they produce just seems to get better. Big thanks to Rock Manor and his talented denizens of the dark.

Working on a rewrite due by the end of October for an upcoming anthology. Finished the first draft of a review for the Grimdark Magazine blog page. Finishing up a longer piece called “The Shadow of his Satin Cloak” and then I’m putting short pieces on hold to finish up that first series novel tentatively titled “Children of a Fallen Sky.” November will be a month filled with pounding away diligently. Cymphonee will finally get some time at home, and when she does I’ll be holed up with her in the love shack.

Unfortunately she’s off to work a second nighttime job teaching science again. I get a hollow feeling in my gut, a yearning I think, for her to be with me at home, especially when it’s raining outside like this and commuters can be a bloody mess on the highway. Come home safe my love!

May October bring chills to your bones and a bit of horror to your heart.


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