The end of a sweltering month

I’ve had my doubts this month about getting closer to making my first pro-sale. But still I pound away. It seems the beginning of every month brings rejection. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Got an email from a pro-magazine requesting to hold my story for further consideration. In all honesty, that really made my day. Whether it gets published or not, it’s a victory in the chapter of August.

On another front, my story Neela and the Rosyman was picked up by Theme of Absence and will be coming soon (September 30, I think). They publish some really original pieces in all genres and accompany them with great illustrations. My flash piece Vein Raiders will be appearing at 600 Second Saga in audio format. So much can happen in 10 short minutes. I’ll post links when these come out and update my work section.

May September bring good tidings.

I love you, Cymphonee. Thank you for giving me this time to create. Because of you, August is the best month of the year…and July…and June…and every day since I met you.



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