Play All

It’s an option on the top menu of most DVDs and blurays (yes, I buy them still), and I wish it came with every streaming site also. ‘Play All’ is a godsend to us folks that like background television; like to binge an entire season without hitting the enter button every 3-4 episodes (seriously lazy), or that need that series to churn through the night in order to sleep.

Netflix and Hulu let you squeeze out 3-4 (I believe) episodes before asking you that eternally philosophical question: are you still watching? I’ve been stuck on stupid over that simple question on more than one occasion. Do I really watch anything? Amazon goes one by one–don’t trust it. Now if you have Crunchy Roll, it’ll play the entire season of anything you choose without wavering. Anime gets the thumbs up this time.

I got a chance to watch the new rendition of the Little Prince on Netflix (I guess it’s technically an original presentation) and loved it. The book, along with the Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends, was a favorite of mine growing up. I remember seeing two versions of it over the years: an older, animated one, and a live action that was pretty boss. Now, I can’t say which one I preferred back then–though I did own the live action version–but I have to say the Netflix version takes the cake.

The animation was amazing, the voice casting was great (not all British for a change), and I loved how they mixed up the story with a new character to interact with the aviator and the prince. They left out the cleaning of the volcanoes on asteroid B-612, the drunkard, the lamplighter, and geographer characters (to emphasize the businessman, I guess), and the emphasis on the snake bite at the end of the tale was softened. The visuals kicked ass, but there was something hollow about this version that lacked the emotional depth I remember feeling as a kid when I read it.

It runs about 105 minutes long, and I think the new female protagonist adds a point of view that was missing in the original. Check it out–it’s well worth the watch, especially if you like the book.

Day three and the smoky beast continues to rear its ugly face. I drank coffee last night and today just to spite it. Breakfast is turning out to be an amazing meal (short bread cookies at the moment). If you find the option on the menu, hit play all.





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