Time to take a walk

Got up with that hollow itchy feeling in my gut today. It’s not a super power or anything that fantastic. After twenty-one years of smoking, I’m attempting to quit. I’ve done this a couple of times in my life before–even pulled it off for a whole year once. The anger will rise (thank god I’m not in a motor vehicle right now), the appetite will become insatiable, and things will slowly begin to smell and taste better.

Whenever I sit down to write something I always have a smoke burning next to me inside the bowels of a blue ceramic whale. No more. I’ve heard that some folks worry about the quality of their work dropping off as they give up those old habits they’ve carried around over the years. I just get really anxious, so I’m gonna pound out words on this blog, or in general, and hope I don’t freak out on too many people today.

So, what’s on the plate today?

Stay away from coffee. It’s a complete association with cigarettes and I really can’t enjoy one without the other. Another habit must die, or become decaffeinated. Listening to the Raymond E. Feist interview on the Grim Tidings Podcast. I imagine I’ll be listening to podcasts (I have a ton to catch-up on) more frequently to quell the smoky beast that’s dying inside my lungs, or where ever it resides–could be my head.

Been writing the first novel for the last year, and I’m more than half way to the finish line (75K words so far). Maybe I’ll lock myself away and find the ending to that one. Got some short pieces to polish and revisit. Last month I managed to get five short pieces done, but this month is an uphill battle that I wasn’t really prepared for. Outcast, The Night of, and Dark Souls 3 have been occupying my time of late. Now the nervous energy will flow like a fountain, and I’ll have to shovel more on my plate to keep up with the craziness of the first couple days. I’m glad I’m trying this again. To die from habits this late in life would really piss me off.

Time to take a walk.


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