There’s this line I think Morgan Freeman as ‘Red’ in The Shawshank Redemption says to tall innocent dude accused of murder, something like: Get busy living or get busy dying…or get busy digging a really long tunnel in the wall of your cell, not sure. Andy, that’s his name! Dying? Not so much, but it’s one of those extreme examples of the old adage pull yourself up by your bootstraps. More like: Get busy staring into space or get busy finishing that thing (you know the thing). Well? Mission accomplished. 31 chapters and 109,027 words later, draft one complete, and if you haven’t finished that thing, it’s a tough feeling to explain. It only happens once. Just do it and you’ll see/feel it. Putting this sucker away for a while and starting a new project, a small idea that grew into something I’d like to tell. Also, can’t say too much here, but my first television show option agreement is on the way, insanely proud of building it, and yes, thanks and gratitude and all other acknowledgements in due time. But for now, thank you Cymphonee, my wife, my best friend, my reason for reaching for the stars. November is going to be big.


Catching up

Wow, been ages, it seems, since I put key to screen up here. So, here are some of the things I’ve been up to, more like what I’ve sold and written and slogged over these past months, etc.

Paper Dog Books has published their first anthology, The Internet Is Where The Robots Live Now, of which I have a short piece included titled “What Machines Don’t Know Won’t Hurt.” It’s a 1,500 word story about a robot who doesn’t know how to treat its dog, some ‘bad ownership’ stuff in there.

The Internet Robots

Ehhh, let’s see what else, got a reprint out in the October Issue (yes, October) of Bards and Sages Quarterly


The good folks over at The Automata Review published a…well, I guess you’d call it a weird tale/horror story, but it’s really neither, of mine called By Bread Alone. They have a really cool blog, too, some good musings and craft posts.


Manor Entertainment, previously the Manor House podcast (they bought my very first horror story) is now bigger and better and are producing audio dramas again. They will be producing a story of mine called “What’s Done in The Dark,” excited for that. Stay tuned.

And last but surely not least of all, my novelette “Through the Doorways, Whiskey Chile” is now available for pre-order, or you can read it live starting March 14th at…wait for it…BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES! When I first began writing fiction, BCS was, and still is, one of my favorite magazines and podcasts, and I vowed to sell Scott H. Andrews a story. Not only a story now, but a novelette. Eight rejections, I think, later and I reached my goal. Scott was super helpful in all the edits and taught me a lot. Hope you all enjoy.


Ursa Major Awards

So, I didn’t even know this was a thing–an award for an anthropomorphic point of view story. So cool. Even cooler, my story “Beyond the Great Divide” (from issue #5 of Cirsova Magazine) made it to the finals. You can check out the list of finalists here and, if you’re so inclined, vote for the Slagborn.